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I'm copying the newspaper articles as they appear, which will be catalogued here.  I know there are more, so send along the missing ones.

Associated Press story of December 3, 2001.

The Rutland Herald has been covering the story in detail.  They can be contacted at:

Rutland Herald
27 Wales Street
P.O. Box 668
Rutland, Vermont 05702-0668
Tel (802) 747-6121 Fax (802) 775-2423

Rutland Herald story of December 4, 2001

Rutland Herald story of December 5, 2001

Rutland Herald story of December 9, 2001

Rutland Herald story of December 10, 2001

The Hartford Courant ran a story on December 7

The Boston Globe Story of December 9

New London Day story of December 9, covering the memorial service.

Video Feed of WTNH news report of December 10

Daily Hampshire Gazette on December 11 Grief, Anger at Friend's Death

Brattleboro Reformer, December 12  A Town on Trial

Brattleboro Reformer, December 13  Police Reveal 911 Info

Brattleboro Reformer, December 13  Woodward Left Legacy of Good Deeds

Brattleboro Reformer, December 14  Officials Suspend Comments on Woodward

Brattleboro Reformer, December 14  Mental State Hard to Interpret

Rutland Herald December 14  Memorial Service Honors Woodward

Burlington Free Press, December 14

Greenfield Recorder, December 14

A Five Minute Piece Aired on WFCR on their Morning Edition, December 14.  I wanted to put a copy of the file on the website, but when I emailed the station I was informed that it was inaccessible because they erroneously reported that Woody was shot by the State Police.

Rutland Herald, December 15  Woodward Investigation Expected to Take Weeks

The Day, December 16  A Gentle Soul's Violent Death Still Mystifies (In my opinion, this is one of the most objective, comprehensive and truthful articles published to date.)  Click above to read the text, or follow this link to The Day's website.

Rutland Herald, December 19  Divisions Over Shooting Trouble Brattleboro Board

Rutland Herald, December 20  Hundreds Attend Brattleboro Vigil

Brattleboro Reformer, December 20  Woodward Service Aims For Peace