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Dear all,
Mary Rives here.(please don't believe what you read in the papers that I said, people, please!)
I write you upon our first snow of the season to present you with a gift for your healing in the loss of our dear and special friend, Woody...
We all love Woody. We all grieve his passing. We long to celebrate his life as many of us did at his first of many funerals today. We also yearn to have some grasp of what befell our dear brother and friend at the hour of his tragic death...
Below is a missive which will shine some light on what Woody was experiencing on Sunday. It also delivers messages he wants us all to hear. Please understand that these messages came through our friend, Tova, who never met Woody. For those of you who are open to the reality of spirit beings, you may find comfort and solace in these wise words. For those of you for whom this may seem too metaphysical (as Woody would have but not now, as you will see!), please take from it what you may and suspend your judgement in order to be open to receive a gift from the intentions that will remind you of Woody.
Also, it is important to know the circumstances at the time of this channeling. I don't want you to feel left out! Five of us were openly grieving together last night in our living room, holding each other, singing and crying as we listened to very spiritual music. We said good-bye to Woody (and hello) and did just what we needed to do (and that which I truly hope  you all do as well--keep loving and comforting each other and letting the feelings out, and even asking for help). Tova sat apart from us and appeared as though she was in a deep trance as she furiously wrote on her lap top. What came out is what appears below. Many of you who have known Woody for many years have already affirmed that these are Woody's words and I am so glad that you can have that experience of him at such a needed time.
With love,
OK this is me, Tova talking:  I just want you to know
that I am not claiming this is or isn't anything other
than what came to me to write as I sat and opened
myself to whatever wanted to be written.  Therefore, I
think it would be safe to edit it.  I don't think we
should present this as a litteral piece but rather
what people got when asking what he would say if he
could now.  Don't be afraid in letting words onto
paper, it won't stand, won't feel right if it isn't
right so give it a go, put in what you feel is "like"
him, ie what you sense, but don't do it until you're
clear, a tall order, I know, but at least not affected
by whatever and having meditated and prayed on it
first, kay?  Lots of love, it's gonna be OK, how can
it not in the long run?  I mean, heck what else is
real besides love???  Tova

I love you guys. And I am with you. I alway was-- with
you when you went to the moon: with you when you went
crazy.  I was with you when you felt lazy and when you
couldn't take it anymore and got up and decided to do
something but you didn't know what you could do that
could or would make a difference. 
 I went to the church with my insides hanging out,
and it was too much for some people,  seeing me hurt
like that.  It was a case of indecent exposure you
see,  and that's what scared them. 
I was calling out for help and then found out they
were just as scared as I was. My crime was in making
it show like that, letting my feelings out to everyone
to see and loud enough they couldn't ignore me because
I wouldn't let them.  I did it because it was just too
much to contain, we can't do it alone anymore.  I
couldn't either. But,  of course they weren't able to
absorb my pain, although my point was and is that if
people could take in me or anyone who is desperate and
offer  em a place of refuge at a time of utter
disorganization and chaos in the person's life,
whoever it is in any moment who is loosing his mind
over this or that, given some space, it would pass.
It would've passed.  My fear was not something real,
you see. But how was I supposed to see that with
everyone turning their backs on me. Just before I got
shot  I saw that it is what is wrong with the whole
world, people turning their back on pain.  Period. Man
that is the worst thing you can do if you're
attempting to make things more tolerable for someone
who is out of control.  I mean, people have been
through their own crap and haven't they seen that the
freakouts don't last?  So that's what I mean by
compassion, Mary, Keith, all you guys,

Mom, mom, you couldn't understand me, why I would get
so hysterical like that you told the newspaper
reporter.  Well what if you could see the whole world
doing that to all the children in the world, like what
if you suddenly saw all the parents abandoning their
children?  I came in screaming it's wrong what they're
doing.  I was yelling, I'm seeing something' here and
there ain't' time to be intellectual and cold.  I mean
isn't that how people get in the killing mode?  It's a
mood, man and Mary your sure right I'm moody and you
can tell that to the press.  Who wouldn't be if he or
she could see through all the lies and facades
encasing the good in people and their immense powers
of love.  And the timing man, hey, how about that
Keith, guy?  Pretty cosmic, I'll give you that.
Astrology man, physics boy Ray-ray, planet-woman Mary
My mommy I love you and don't worry I'm still here.
You ain't getting rid of this hobo that easily.  At
least I don't have to go shopping and all the
florescent lights and handle dirty money, don't owe
ain't no more and if anyone believes I still do, just
tell em to come and get me if they want it that bad.
It's just see that the worlds all crazy. And you gotta
be able to laugh and not worry so much about saying'
it in other people's words.  Just say it in your own
way, but hey, not without heart, hear me?  I mean, man
when we were all together we had everything.  A
perfect world.  Because no matter what else was goin'
on we could laugh and tell stories.  So here you go,
quite a story now, spin it straight, so the seams
don't come apart, ok?  Sleep soundly knowing that
would heal the phantom wounds to a body that belonged
to the world and I don't now, the world belongs to me.
 Another big story, call it history, you'll take them
with you but the pain, you will see stops at deaths
door and it feels so refreshing to lay that burden
down on the ground and step outa there away from all
that noise that binds the mind and keeps you bound in
Oh and Mom, you were right about praying.
I made the mistake of praying to people for their
mercy.  Gave em too much credit for what they couldn't
see but I saw they should be.  I was asking people to
do what they can't do which was to make me safe in an
unsafe world,  To make it untrue, what people do when
their brothers and sisters are helpless.  I didn't
want t o believe that if I went in begging and
demanding for attention because something was really
truly wrong and if they would just put aside their
ideas about the way things were supposed to be for a
human being facing life or death, why of course they
would have chosen life.  In other words I wanted them
to save me.  And had there been more time in peoples'
lives they might have had a chance to think straight,
to offer consolation and tell me  you are safe you are
just terribly frightened.  That was my fantasy.  Then
it would have been alright, I would have been able to
stand up to the opposition I felt cornered by.  The
environmental police are not police at all. But
looking like hungry dogs for a piece of the common
properties.  I loved the woods like Mary loves ray
ray.  I was not just begging for protection of
wetlands and wildernesses but I was demanding such.  I
wanted to stop the wilderness from going into
extinction and instead I went into exile.  I was not,
to my surprise made extinct.  Because I got what I
wanted:  people did respond and people do care.  It
was shock therapy.  I am both sorry that I won't be
able to burst in on Mary and Keith with stories and
glories and impunities against reason and restraint of
the human will to make a difference in the drab daily
landscape of luxuries we can not afford and ecstatic
that I've made such a commotion.  I'll do anything to
shake people out of their stupidity, stupor.  I can't
stand the  numbness that people settle for and I won't
tolerate it.  That's why I'm here and you're still
there.  And believe me I feel Keith's quiet suffering
because he couldn't save me either but I no longer am
asking to be saved.  I am very happy that I've made
such a stink.  Isn't it just like me?
What about laughter you fuckin
guys?  You know I don't buy into all  that ritual and
convention well why would I ask you to do so now?  If
you really really want to do something radical
celebrate the fucking life you've been left alone with
even if I've left you feeling how alone you are
without the party man to make it all right by making a
fool of everyone and of myself, taking turns between
playing the joker and the thief.  I knew I had made an
impact that Sunday.  Congratulate me, man, it was cool
except when I was moaning, so sorry about that, forget
it.  It didn't last long enough to waste your breath
on.  Just take out of that tape how I screamed I love
you Mary.  My Mary.  My mommy.  My buddy Keith.  My
kid too, you'll be alright.  We're all alright but we
don't believe it.  Will you listen up Mary.  It's not
ever as bad as it seems.  We can't loose our lust for
life, if there was one thing I gave you it was that
now dammit take it out there and dance.  Do the
seemingly irrelevant thing, the things people think of
doing and saying but don't do or say.   OK be like me,
Mary, all you guys.  Put you money where your mouth is
and go out and dance when you feel drained.  Because
man, you guys got the energy now, the community thing
going.  What the Hell else is going to save that
fucking world and don't you think I got a break in the