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Greetings, friends.  Welcome to the website that never should have been.  My ideas are below.  The rest is up to you.  I need input, ideas, feedback, photos, suggestions, writings and the like.  If you have a cool photo or funny letter, scan it in or type it up and send it to me, I'll post it at once.  Brand new, some of Woody's poems from the mid-eighties sent in by Rob Nelson.

Media Coverage  I've posted a few articles here, but Jim Hoffman has created the comprehensive website-- you can access the press articles and letters to the editors of the various news outlets covering the story, as well as detailed accounts of Wood's life and fears by one who knew him well.  This site is more a remembrance and tribute. 

Media Links.  Specific names and addresses of people and periodicals who need to be informed and/or nudged.

Friends of Wood.  On this page I'll keep a list of names, addresses--email and street--and websites of his friends, a good reference for old and new friends to find one another.  I met Woody at Southern in 1983, at a party, I think.  The next day he came knocking at my door, saying:  "Hey dude, wanna play some chess?"

Random Writings.  Any cool bits, letters, emails and the like written by the real Dubya.

Photo Gallery.  Woody was exceptionally photogenic.

Prayer For Woody.  Terrific prayer that Keith sent out immediately following the tragedy.

Links to sites that Wood might have liked or recommended, or anything you might suggest.

Download and check out this very cool Christmas card.  Guaranteed to bring a smile.

That's all for now.  

Peace, love and understanding.  God loves you.  And Wood too.


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